Multiple Federal Prime & IDIQ Contract Vehicles


Engineering, Technical, and Programmatic Services - US Navy

NAVSEA has awarded ATSG an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Prime contract for a wide range of engineering, technical, and programmatic services and solutions. Seaport-e is the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services for the Virtual System Commands (SYSCOM). SeaPort-e work under this vehicle covers a broad range of services, including engineering, financial management, and program management.


Solutions for Administrative and Program Support - Department of Justice

ATSG is a Prime Contract holder on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s SOAPS Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with a funding ceiling of $750M. The purpose of this BPA is to provide Program and Administrative support across multiple functional areas within the agency to include; Management and Program Analysis Support, Template Development, Business Process Development/Improvements, Document Preparation, Operations Research, Risk Assessment, Earned Value Management, Budget Analysis, Financial Analysis, Configuration Management, Quality Assurance, Requirements Analysis, Scheduling/Planning, and Technical Writing.


Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance - Department of State

ATSG is a prime contractor on the Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA) program. ACOTA is a DOS managed program that operates in conjunction with policy input from Africa area experts in the Department of Defense and the National Security Staff. The ACOTA program enhances the capacity of qualified African nations to participate in peace support operations (PSO) and contingency operations in Africa. ACOTA directly trains and equips African peacekeepers, peacekeeping and contingency operations contingents, as well as sustains a long term effort that provides limited equipping for training purposes and upgrades to training facilities. The geographic location of work includes Washington, DC; Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and Zambia Africa. ATSG provides both Administrative support and Program Management support to the ACOTA mission both CONUS and OCONUS.


Professional, Technical, Administrative and Program Support Services - Department of State

ATSG was awarded the PTAPSS Prime contract, one of nine awardees, for professional, technical, administrative, and program services with a funding ceiling of $550M. Since award, ATSG has been awarded in excess of 75 Task Orders for skilled personnel in support of long-term program initiatives. As a result of this expanding role within the Department of State, ATSG has significant experience providing a diverse spectrum of skilled personnel across Bureau/Departmental and CONUS/OCONUS activities.

GSA Schedule 70

Contract # GS35F0078T

GSA Schedule 70 allows ATSG to offer Information Technology products and services more readily available to government agencies. Schedule 70 decreases the time it takes for Government Agencies to make a transaction with ATSG and features negotiated fees.

132 51 Information Technology Professional Services

  • Automated Information System Design & Integration
  • IT Backup and Security Services
  • IT Data Conversion Services
  • IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
  • IT Network Management Services
  • IT Systems Analysis Services
  • IT Systems Development Services
  • Programming Services

GSA Professional Services Schedule

Business Consulting Solutions

Contract # GS10F0112X

Through the PSS Schedule, ATSG can help you improve performance and accomplish mission goals with specialized consulting and training services, facilitation, surveys, competitive sourcing and project management.

874 1: Consulting Services

  • Management or strategy consulting
  • Program planning, audits, and evaluations
  • Studies, analyses, scenarios, and reports relating to an agency's mission-oriented business programs or initiatives, such as defense studies, tabletop exercises or scenario simulations, educational studies, regulatory or policy studies, health care studies, economic studies, and preparedness studies
  • Executive/management coaching services
  • Customized business training as needed to successfully perform/complete a consulting engagement
  • Policy and regulation development assistance
  • Expert Witness services in support of litigation, claims, or other formal cases
  • Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203 Financial audits are covered under GSA Schedule 520, Financial and Business Services, are not allowed under this SIN. The term "consulting" as defined herein does not include staff augmentation.

874 6: Acquisition Management Support

  • Acquisition Planning Assistance
  • Market Research
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Acquisition Document Development
  • Cost/Price Estimates,
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans
  • Statements Of Work, Synopses Solicitations
  • Price Negotiation Memoranda,
  • Expert Proposal Evaluation Assistance
  • Price/Cost Analysis
  • Technical Proposal Analysis
  • Contract Administration Support Services