Data Processing

Expansive Data Aggregation

In an increasingly globalized world, data challenges have dramatically grown increasingly complex. Information once virtually inaccessible is often now just a click away. We are faced with an overwhelming amount of electronic data crossing international borders in the form of public records data, online and print media, phone directories, and geographic and demographic data, to name just a few. With the tremendous amount of international and domestic information now available and accessible, comprehensive capability is needed to support the collection, enrichment, and analysis of data. ATSG understands that the ultimate required outcome is to develop a reliable and agile tool that generates the aggregated data and then renders and translates this information into actionable intelligence for decision-making at the end-user level.

ATSG employs experts in various supporting technological fields including artificial intelligence, database systems, security, knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval. We provide big data solutions at small business prices!

Custom Solutions

We develop solutions on multiple data platforms with the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach to data and storage requirements. From our experience, we understand that a combination of relational databases, corpus-based search systems, redundant storage systems, and No-SQL databases are necessary to achieve massive amounts of data processing in the fastest possible time.

Actionable Intelligence

ATSG has extensive experience in the management, aggregation, and standardization of diffuse and separate data sources into unified knowledge data stores that support business intelligence decisions in real-time. Our expertise extends to data-architecture, information processing methodology, data-delivery and the formulated datasets themselves. Our body of intellectual property is represented in each step of our data cycle. Through extensive analysis, we have devised original ways to handle huge volumes of data, curate knowledge collections and package and deliver useful information to our customers.