Law Enforcement Mission Support

Support for Law Enforcement Missions around the world

ATSG supports, assists, and advises the USG in planning and implementing efforts to enhance and expand the capabilities of partner country police units and other security forces to provide public security and law enforcement. ATSG supports programs across a full range of criminal justice issues to include the implementation of reform strategies and operational plans.

Employed as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), our ATSG personnel provide specific recommendations by developing requirements for a wide spectrum of support activities in challenging and sometimes austere environments. ATSG personnel are responsible for conducting field assessments, coordination, and evaluations of training, trainers, and logistical and equipping activities.

Working hand in hand with pertinent stakeholders that include, but are not limited to, US Embassy representatives, police department personnel, governmental officials around the world.
Training Support
ATSG develops training components to address the rollout of model management practices by conducting train-the-trainer workshops for peacekeeping and police support.
Providing technical law enforcement expertise, technical assistance, and training on behalf of the USG in support of host-nation efforts to improve investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of crimes.