Machine Learning

Experts in Machine Learning

ATSG’s value advantage is that we have invested heavily in machine learning technologies, creating experience in synthesizing data and creating new and unique datasets. These past efforts allow our customers to take advantage of our expertise and leap-frog current technology trends to reduce risk.

Huge Volumes of Data
ATSG has learned -- by self-funded research and development -- that the overarching problems inherent in attempting to analyze a huge volume of data can be mitigated and overcome by implementing both Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques as well as practices which generate specific, actionable knowledge from various data sets through data analytics and visualization tools.
The Future of Computing
We understand that the real challenge does not lie in data aggregation but, rather, lies in curating disparate data sources and finding patterns within the data-sets that can be turned into actionable and useful insights that are easy for end users to understand and to utilize for optimal decision-making. Often times, even after the data has been collected, curated and stored for delivery, it becomes apparent the volume of data is beyond the practicable means of a human operator or even a team of humans to evaluate with any efficiency or accuracy measured in time and money.
Proprietary Data Mining Technology
Over 11 years of continued growth at ATSG has led us to develop unique technical capabilities not found in other companies with a similar size profile. Team ATSG also brings decades of professional experience from outside the federal contracting industry, including but not limited to: investment banking; operational military experience; classified intelligence work; commercial consulting; sales and marketing, coupled with years of experience with high-technology using advanced databases, cloud technology and artificial intelligence. Our blend of skills and numerous advanced degrees uniquely qualifies us to not only assemble the datasets , but to also understand what they mean and how they fit together.