ATSG is proud to support Veterans

ATSG supports many programs aimed at assisting military veterans returning from duty in war zones and those preparing to separate from active duty. We’re very familiar with the high caliber of these young men and women who represent some of America’s best and brightest. We are convinced that veterans represent a ready-made pool of exemplary candidates who are perfectly matched for the detailed, highly-disciplined projects at federal agencies.

Members of our Armed Forces embody the holistic qualities of the most sought-after candidates. Highly trained and motivated, they are mission-oriented by nature, diligent, serious and honorable. Their infused respect for authority and disciplined service mentality makes them especially well qualified for detailed work in a high-compliance, security-sensitive environment.

ATSG's Innovative Veteran Outreach

ATSG has created a system has completely automated a time intensive, painstaking manual process of seeking out veterans and has the capability to quickly sift through multiple veteran resume databases; sort, analyze, capture, track and report candidate data; send automated notices to both candidates and ATSG recruiting staff.

Using this system, ATSG recruiters are able to achieve direct contact with a large group of candidates in the veteran community within hours.

Here is an overview of the key system functions:

  • Our search engine is programmed with the appropriate parameters and then activated. The search engine quickly and efficiently sifts through targeted data bases, locating and capturing veteran candidate data.
  • Once captured, pertinent candidate data is extrapolated, sorted, analyzed, aggregated, and uploaded into ATSGs automated candidate application tracking system.
  • At the same time, the system emails every targeted candidate (literally thousands at one time) providing details about the job opportunity and inviting them to apply via our job portal.
  • Once a candidate applies, our job portal notifies our recruiting team and provides them with a complete profile of the candidate that includes name, clearance, veteran status, compensation needs, contact information, EEO information, education and training, etc… along with a copy of their resume.
  • Internally, our recruiting lead prescreens candidates and assigns them to one of four hiring managers. The hiring managers contact candidates directly to perform in-depth screening; collect info needed to verify clearances; discuss details of the work, salary requirements and availability; and ascertain the candidate’s willingness and ability to relocate.